After Sales Services

We not only meet the generator needs of our customers but also ensure they can safely use their generators.

24/7 Support
With our technical teams and extensive service network, we provide support to you 24/7.
Periodic Maintenance Agreements
We offer special agreements for the regular maintenance of your generators.
Commissioning Service
Our engineers and technical team are ready to commission your generators on-site.
Remote Monitoring Systems
We utilize the latest technology to remotely monitor and manage your generators.

Reliable Technical Services, Uninterrupted Power

Expert Team and Service Network
Our expert team in the technical service is highly knowledgeable about the complex structure and operation of generators down to the finest details. With our extensive service network, we provide fast response times and reliable service nationwide in Turkey.
General Maintenance andSpare Parts
We provide comprehensive general maintenance and spare parts for your generators. With our reliable and high-quality spare parts, we ensure the longevity of your generators.
Rental Services and Second-Hand Sales / Exchange
We offer generator rental services for uninterrupted power supply during power outages or special events. Additionally, we assist you with the buying, selling, and exchange of second-hand generators.
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Kj Power

KJ Power: For uninterrupted energy, reliable diesel generators, protective cabins, and custom solutions of the highest quality standards. Continuous power, superior performance.

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