Empowering Progress, Lighting the feature: KJ Power. Your Global Energy Partner Since 1996
KJ POWER GENERATOR, operating in the energy sector since 1996, adheres to the principles of continuous development and quality. It manufactures diesel generator sets ranging from 10 kVA to over 2750 kVA in accordance with international standards.

Utilizing leading engine and alternator brands with international certifications, KJ POWER GENERATOR supplies its generator sets to various sectors such as public institutions, leading companies in oil & gas, banking, housing, telecommunications, food, health, defense industry, and education, both domestically and globally. The company exports 85% of its production to more than 120 countries.

The manufacturing of generator sets involves the use of compact sound insulation cabinets, control and transfer panels, light towers, and synchronization systems. All stages of design and production are carried out with high engineering capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to its business discipline and stability, KJ POWER GENERATOR has elevated customer satisfaction to the highest level and become a top choice in the field. Its business philosophy, which eagerly embraces every aspect that adds value on the path to its goals, converts changes into opportunities, produces smart and rational solutions, takes quick actions with its team, and follows a long-term plan, has made it one of the most significant players in the global industry.

Since its establishment, KJ POWER GENERATOR has been tracking all processes in real-time through its in-house developed ERP software, a result of its investments in information technology. This innovative production approach accelerates the development of the sector.

Navigate the challenges of modern energy demands with the unwavering support of KJ POWER GENERATOR your global partner in sustainable power solutions.
The company began its commercial journey in 1996 as a dealership, focusing on sales and authorized service.
In 1998, it expanded its operations to include the sale of second-hand generators, maintenance and repair services for generators, and also began selling spare parts.
By 2000, the company had started producing generators using refurbished second-hand engines in its workshop, along with the production of marine generators.
In 2008, to meet market demand, the company began importing engines and made its first export to Georgia.
In 2010, the company moved to a production facility with a covered area of 2000 m² and started the production of generators equipped with European-origin engines and alternators.
In 2015, they moved to a 5,000 m² enclosed production facility near the ISG airport and started sales to international projects.
In 2018, cabin and chassis production was initiated, and an ERP system covering all company operations related to sales, finance, and production was implemented.
In 2022, the company moved to the modern production facility in Çayırova, where a robotic welding unit was commissioned, and the electrostatic powder coating unit was renovated.
To be a leading company in the generator and energy sector, advancing towards a future as a global brand. To create solutions in partnership with world-renowned brands, making a difference with our technology and products while respecting humanity and the environment in our production.

To provide solutions in the generator and energy sector as a reliable provider of uninterrupted energy.

  • Customer Focus
  • Simplicity
  • Sincerity
  • Consistency
  • Creating Value
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Honesty and Reliability
  • Respect for People and the Environment

  • Achieving Together
  • Team Spirit
  • Genuineness and Transparency
  • Creativity
  • Merit
  • Belonging
  • Continuous Development and Training

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