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KJ Power Generator: Custom Power, Clean Solutions. Our generators, available with rental or standard canopies, are engineered for versatility and sustainability. Choose from multiple engine options including industry leaders like Volvo, Doosan, John Deere, and Yanmar, to meet your specific power needs. Embrace the future of energy with generators that respect the planet, designed to comply with the latest Stage V / Tf4 emission standards. Power your world, your way.
Kj Power Stage-V
Kj Power Stage-V
Tailored Power Your Choices, Our Technology
At KJ Power Generator, we believe in providing power solutions that are as unique as the needs of our clients. That’s why we offer an extensive range of engine and alternator options, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your energy requirements.
In internal combustion diesel engines used in generators, approximately 35% - 40% of the consumed energy is converted into work, while the remaining part is released into the environment as heat and exhaust gases. For over 20 years, leading engine manufacturers have been working to reduce emissions, and international emission regulations are continually being revised to lessen the environmental impact, especially of exhaust outputs.
KJ Power’s new generation generators, produced in compliance with current emission regulations, utilize a mechanism in their engines that doesn’t directly release exhaust gases into the air after they exit the combustion chamber. Instead, these gases undergo a series of improvement processes (ATS - after-treatment system) to remove particles (NOx - nitrogen oxides, CO - carbon monoxide, CO2 - carbon dioxide, HC - hydrocarbons).

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KJ Power: For uninterrupted energy, reliable diesel generators, protective cabins, and custom solutions of the highest quality standards. Continuous power, superior performance.

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