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Below, you'll find various versions of the high-quality KJ Power logo designed for use in marketing and media activities. For detailed rules and approvals regarding logo usage, please contact KJ Power here.
Rules for Logo Usage
Maintaining Proportions: Do not alter or distort the logo's proportions. Do not resize disproportionately.
Color Consistency: Do not attempt to change or recolor the logo. Use only the specified color palette.
Scaling: Maintain legibility even when scaling the logo down from its original size. Do not go below our minimum size guidelines if possible.
Modification of Logo: Do not break apart or alter the logo in any way. Use it entirely as a whole.
Obtaining Permission: Obtain prior permission for specific cases regarding logo usage. Special permission may be required, especially for promotional or commercial purposes.

KJ Power Generator Logo Set

Logo Usage

Logo Usage on White Background
Logo Usage on Dark Background

Ensure proper contrast and sufficient space around the logo depending on the background color it will be used on to maintain clarity and visibility of the logo.

Size and Safe Area

Safe Area

Before resizing the logo, adhere to scaling rules, and consider the safe area around the logo to ensure it remains striking and legible without altering its dimensions.


HEX #0E4380
RGB(14, 67, 128)
C:100 M:80 Y:15 K:15
HEX #e20600
RGB(226, 6, 0)
C:100 M:100 Y:0 K:0

Our corporate colors are essential elements that reflect our brand's identity and style. The colors designated as Pantone 2747 C (HEX #0E4380) and Pantone 2347 C (HEX #e20600) represent the power and passion of our brand. Represented by shades of blue, Pantone 2747 C symbolizes trust and stability, while indicated by shades of red, Pantone 2347 C reflects energy and passion. These colors ensure the consistency and attractiveness of our brand, enabling us to establish a strong connection with our target audience.

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