Keep Your Work Going Non-Stop with Light Tower!
No matter how challenging the terrain and weather conditions are, let your work continue with KJ Power Light Towers.

KJ Light Tower Features List

KJ Power mobile Light Towers are your solution partner designed for the continuity of field operations in areas without grid electricity.
The power of KJ Power Light Towers comes from water-cooled 1500 rpm industrial-type diesel engines.
For lighting, standard LED lighting fixtures are used.
The telescopic tower structure of the light tower, which can be extended mechanically or hydraulically, is made of galvanized material. 
With a mechanically extendable mast that can rise up to 7 meters, it can illuminate wide areas.
Thanks to the tow hitch, it offers ease of rapid relocation and transportation.
Equipped with 13”/14” wheels, a sturdy trailer structure, handbrake, and expandable stabilizing legs, the unit allows for long-term usage.
KJ Power light towers feature 3-phase / 1-phase sockets, enabling the unit to be used as a generator by drawing power from these sockets.

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